TRI-X + Rodinal 02

Nikon F3 + 28mm f2.8, TRI-X + Rodinal, Island of Tabarca off the coast of Alicante, Spain, Scanned on Minolta Scan Elite 5400

Following on from my previous post on TRI-X + Rodinal. I have just finished developing the remaining 3 rolls from the test set.

I developed it to the same time 9 minutes but refined the agitation cycle. If you remember I wasn’t happy with the internal contrast of the mid-tones, they just looked dirty and lifeless. To remind you, the first 3 rolls were developed for 9 minutes, with agitation for the first minute and then 10 seconds in every minute. The ten second agitation cycle was always at the top of the clock with 50 seconds standing.

So I changed the agitation to 5 seconds every 30 seconds and kept the time to 9 minutes and the 1 minute of continuous agitation at the start. The difference was subtle but better. The mid-tones had more contrast in them and didn’t look as lifeless.


I have decide to refine the agitation even more by not including the pouring in or out of chemistry in the 9 minute development cycle. This will allow more development by approximately 30 seconds overall and I’m hoping that will be sufficient to raise the mid-tones to my desired level. If not then I’ll have to change the total time but at least I have locked down the agitation. As you can see this is a slow process but will bring many rewards once I have finished the testing. Also I think this illustrates how small changes can have large effects. This gets back to my beginning articles where I stressed consistency.

I will continue this test and update the conclusions as time goes by. But there will be other posts between on a variety of things.

I have decided that I would talk about my photobooks based on what I have bought in the last 6 months. These mini reviews will not be in-depth but whether or not you should take a look at them for yourself. I often find it difficult to buy books over the Internet unless I have handled them somewhere before but that isn’t always practical. So I’m faced with the same issues as everyone else. I would also like to talk about my feelings regarding the photobook market.

See you soon.

Nikon F3 + 28mm f 2.8, TRI-X + Rodinal, Alicante, Spain, Scanned on Minolta Scan Elite 5400

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