Luigi Ghirri and other stuff

Nikon F3 + 40mm f2 Voightlander, Kodak Portra 160, Scanned on Minolta Scan Elite 5400, Clacton-on-sea

Well, I guess its time to update this site especially as I haven’t got a single response to the photo walks. I will be partnering with Kodak on their next photo walk and taking over when Stiv (Kodak guy) heads back to his office.

So I haven’t been doing too much lately except looking for work in my previous guise, HTML/CSS coder, with no success I might add. I’ll do anything to get some cash into the house as they say, anything, I’m not proud!

Luigi Ghirri has been the focus of my attention as of late. I’ve always admired his work and although any books by him are rare and expensive I have recently acquired “The Map and the Territory” published by Mack books just a few weeks ago. Definitely a book I would recommend as it has a lot of his writing and images that I haven’t seen before. I do have others of his, such as “Its beautifull here isn’t it” sadly I purchased some 7 months ago before it went into reprint and can now be purchased at a fraction of the price I paid for a first edition. Still welcome to the photobook world! Speaking of which I came across another of his books, a collaboration with Aldo Rossi the architect, but once burned twice shy as they say, its available at £295.00, so I’m going to wait for a reprint or at least until I win the lottery!

Nikon F3 + 40mm f2 Voightlander, Kodak Portra 160, Scanned on Minolta Scan Elite 5400, Clacton-on-sea

I’m not sure how to say this without being pompous but my work has paralleled his but without the accompanying thoughts that he has articulated so well. I have been looking at the same things in the same way and I thought I was alone but I guess there must be lots of us out there, closet LG admirers or at least people that think and see the world as he did. He is so under appreciated it’s sad really.

On an equipment note, I purchase a 40 mm f2 Voightlander for my Nikon F3 and couldn’t be happier. The first time I went out and about with it was very revealing for me. At no time did I even consider needing a different angle of view it just never occurred to me, it suit my vision perfectly! As for its qualities it’s a very nice lens, very old school Nikon in looks and feel with a very smooth rendition of the scene. I do like it and at this moment do not feel compelled to get anything else. The 2 shots accompanying this post were both shot with it.